I have a strong interest in science writing and have served in multiple roles for the Journal of Postdoctoral Research.  I started as a Contributing Editor and was quickly promoted to Editor in Chief.  Upon leaving my postdoctoral position, I transition to the journal's advisory board.  In my time in the leadership of the journal, I have helped oversee fundamental changes that have broadened the impact of the journal.  Those efforts include:


  • promoting the journal to postdocs worldwide

  • introduction of our postdoc of the month and year awards

  • creation of Postdoc Proceedings (a mechanism for postdocs or conferences to publish abstracts and data that can be referenced in future publications)

  • seeking collaboration with established publishers

  • the beginnings of monetizing our resources

  • and coordinating an overhaul of the editor system by increasing communication and instituting submission schedules, thereby creating a more predictable and consistent in-flow of submissions.